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Chunxi Road

Located in the heart of the shopping district in Chengdu, Chunxi Road boosts of more than 700 shops ranging from large shopping malls, department stores, and supermarkets to street stalls, boutiques, modern cafes, and a spacious square.
Chunxi Road is not only a fashion center in Chengdu, beautiful look to play, it is also gathered for the delicious snacks, Zhong dumplings, glutinous rice balls Lai, Beef and Beef Tendon, Korean dumplings, Long Chao Shou, there are streets of spicy barbecue and Chuanchuan Xiang, price index and index contrast is absolutely delicious in a real treat you the same time, does not worry about the rapid shrinking wallet. 

Visitor's guide

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Business hours:
All day

The best tourist season:
Mar-June, Sept-Dec

Jinjiang District, Chengdu