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Yu Garden

The Yuyuan Garden is a famous classical garden in south China, once famed as the “top beauty in southeast China”.  It was built during the Ming Dynasty (400 years ago), by a Sichuan minister of finance named Pan Yunduan, and has been several times renovated by the government since the Liberation and is now one of the key relic sites in the country under state protection.  The more you step inside, the more you get fascinated for Yuyuan Garden, a maze of houses, grottoes, pavilions, lotus ponds, and zigzag bridges crossing streams, a maze in a Chinese way.  Every corner you turn has a new surprise, and a total different view.  It is often the situation that a person has come across a single area from three different places, and dont realize he kept coming to the same place.

Visitor's guide

Admission ticket:
RMB40(Apr - Nov); RMB30 (Dec - Mar)

Business hours:

The best tourist season:
Mar, Apr.

137 Anren Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

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